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The Mireya Moscoso Coin (1991)

The Mireya Moscoso coin was made in 1999 in honor of important events of the time in Panama.   The Mireya Moscoso coin from Panama is measured 1.7 inches across and made of silver. This coin is the equivalent to the United States ten dollar bill. The coin has a picture of Mireya Panama, the […]

Evita Peron’s Dress (1947)

The dress is presented to Evita Peron in 1947 by Francisco Franco. In 1947 Evita Peron, the first lady of Argentina, went to travel to Spain. She insisted on keeping open diplomatic relations with the country, regardless of numerous protests of the United Nations. At this time, Spain was controlled by a dictator, Francisco Franco. […]

I, Rigoberta Menchu: An Indian Woman in Guatemala (1983)

‘”My story,’ Rigoberta Menchu quoted as saying by way of introduction, ‘is the story of all poor Guatemalans”’. I, Rigoberta Menchu: An Indian Woman in Guatemala was published in 1983. In Menchu’s novel, the hardships of living in Guatemala as a native Indian person is retold; she emphasizes the tensions between European immigrant descents and […]

San Agustin Statue (3300 to 600BC)

The stone statue was discovered in present day San Agustin from 3300 to 600 BC. The specific San Agustin statues above are called Alto de Los Idolos. They are located near the Magdalena River and are currently in the San José de Isnos. The Augustinians developed a society where the chief would control the region. […]

El Dorado Golden Raft (1500s)

El Dorado is an old myth of a city made of gold. This version of the myth is retold by gold thirsty, hungry Europeans, who used the excuse to conquer lands. Christopher Columbus’s arrival in the Americas may have started circulating this myth as conquerors begin their endless drive for riches in foreign countries. Imperialism […]

Pre-Columbian Maya Civilization (Priest)

This depiction of a Mayan priest is from the Panel of the Slaves, a bas-relief in the ruins of the ancient city of Palenque, which was located in current-day southern Mexico. Palenque was a relatively small city-state, but the ruins currently hold some of the highest quality examples of Mayan bas-relief, and architecture that can […]