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The Telstar was the ball used in the 1970 FIFA World Cup, which took place in Mexico. The ball was first introduced as “Telstar Erlast” for the 1968 Football European Championship (before it was used in the World Cup) and would be used again in future European Football Championships. Telstar had a 32-panel configuration, 12 […]

Spanish Guitar

In basically every Latin American country, there is a kind of plucked stringed instrument native to that country. In Colombia, it is the tiple and the bandolin. In Peru, it is the charango and the bandurria. The instruments range from four strings to twenty-five strings and are made from all different kinds of wood and […]

Che Guevara’s Diary

Time frame: Current; Description: Che Guevara’s diary of his experiences from landing on the coast of Cuba in December 1956 to when the rebels declared victory in January 1959. Che Guevara kept a series of diaries of experiences throughout his life. These books were previously thought to have been lost, but as of 2011, researchers […]

Vertical-Roller Cane Crusher

In almost every image of a Latin American sugar mill, there is a depiction of slaves working around a vertical-roller cane crusher. Sugar processing was a very strenuous and fragile process. Once the cane was cut, delay or interruption in the process would lower the quantity or quality of sugar produced. Also, cutting, hauling, and […]

Tulum Ruins Ballcourt

Juego de pelota (Spanish), pitz (Mayan), or ullamaliztli (Aztec) was the ballgame Mesoamericans played. The goal of the game was to keep a rubber ball in play by mainly using a person’s hips. However, the ball courts themselves tell interesting stories. The Mesoamerican ballgame was nearly all played by adolescent and adult men of all […]

Honduras Cacao Maize God Statue

This statue is of what is thought to be the Maize God with cacao pods growing off of its body. Maize and Cacao were very important to the Mayans and Aztecs, for both crops had religious importance and rituals associated with them. Despite its lack of nutrition, maize could feed livestock and families. The Maize […]