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Harvested guano, 2008 Guano deposits, formed by the excrement of colonies of sea birds such as guanay cormorants, boobies and pelicans, have accumulated for centuries on islands off the coast of Peru such as the Chincha Islands and the Islas Ballestas. The waters here, rich in sea-life and teeming with fish such as the anchoveta, […]

Jules Rimet Cup

FIFA Football World Cup trophy, 1962 From Diego Maradona to Ronaldo, Kaka and Messi football stars (soccer for North Americans) and the sport they play are an important part of pop culture not only in Argentina and Brazil but throughout Latin America. Though some have called the sport the new opium of the Latin American […]

Aónikenk Bola

Hunting weapon from Patagonia, Argentina, around 1900 The dry, scrub covered plateau of Patagonia composed of deserts and grasslands is bordered by the Colorado River on the north, the Strait of Magellan on the south, the vast Atlantic Ocean on the east and the high peaks of the Patagonian Andes on the west. It covers […]

Mexican War Saddle

Military saddle from Mexico, 1847 This 19th Century leather saddle with leather covered wooden stirrups belonged to the Mexican mounted troops. It was captured by US army Colonel William S. Harney at the Battle of Cerro Gordo during the Mexican War of 1846-1848. The war was a big success for the United States while Mexico […]

Brazilian Sugar Mill

Pen and Chinese ink drawing, 1637-44   This drawing by Dutch artist Franz Post shows a sugar mill on a sugar plantation in colonial Brazil. It is currently kept in Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium. Franz Post a painted many scenes from the daily life of 17th century Brazil, somewhat like a photojournalist […]

Codex Mendoza

The Aztecs had a writing system consisting of images and a few symbols. Pictorial codices were written to be read by the powerful and educated – nobles, priests and scribes. Unfortunately for historians, few of the pre-colonial codices survive. After colonization by the Spanish, codices continued to be written, although in a slightly different way […]