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A grain plant cultivated by indigenous peoples in Mesoamerica. 2500 BC.   The term “maize” is originally from the ancient word mahiz (6). Mahiz comes from the Taino language of the indigenous people of pre-Columbian America. Nowadays, the terms maize and corn are often used interchangeably, with one being used more frequently than the other […]

The Entrance to the Maya Underworld

Poptún, Guatemala. 1980. Located in Poptún southern Peten, Guatemala, the Naj Tunich cave was discovered early in mid-1979 by a Kekchi Maya Indian, Bernabe Pop, while he was hunting: Bernabe’s dogs chased a peccary down an unfamiliar trail, and his pursuit led him into the enormous entrance of one of the greatest discoveries of Mayan […]

La Danza de las Tijeras

A traditional event that symbolizes the very deep roots of Peruvian Andean culture. 1524.                                                                                     La […]

Patterns of Understanding

Cholula Tlaxcala Map (1581). State of Puebla, Mexico. The history of the mapping of America after 1492 shows that geographies were made and remade by a process of transformation in which members of both the colonized as well  as the colonizing culture were starting to interact. For instance, Mesoamerican physical forms of maps are very different […]