Che Guevara’s Diary


Time frame: Current; Description: Che Guevara’s diary of his experiences from landing on the coast of Cuba in December 1956 to when the rebels declared victory in January 1959.

Che Guevara kept a series of diaries of experiences throughout his life. These books were previously thought to have been lost, but as of 2011, researchers have been trying to decipher Guevara’s scribbly handwriting and have been trying to put together what is left of Guevara’s diaries.

In one diary, Guevara writes about events like the march from the southern tip to Havana, the capital of Cuba, to landing on the Cuban coast on a yacht called Gramma in December 1956. They also contain used Guevara’s 1963 account of the Sierra Maestra campaign called “Episodes of the Cuban Revolutionary War.” Furthermore, the diary give an insight to the relationship between Che Guevara and Fidel Castro.

Fideal Castro and Che Guevara met when he (Castro) was exiled to Mexico. With other rebels, Castro overthrew Fulgencio Baptista. Guevara was the first member of the band, was promoted to the top rank by Castro, and after their victory, he became the Minister on Industries and president of the central bank. However, in 1985, Guevara left to instigate a revolution in the Belgian Congo, but that failed. He returned to Cuba to prepare for a mission in Bolivia, where he was executed (October 9, 1967, Age: 39 years old).  Guevara’s remains were recovered in Bolivia in 1997 by a forensic team and were transferred to Cuba.

When Guevara wrote about his road trip through Latin America, he published his writing, calling “The Motorcycle Diaries,” which would become a successful film. Now, Guevara’s diaries have been turned into a book by the Che Guevara Studies Centre, which is directed by his widow Aleida March.

The book is called “Diary of a Combatant.” It talks about Guevara’s experiences from December 2, 1956 to January 1, 1959. Some believed that the book should not have been published, as it was basically someone’s diary.


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